Wines added

I started to add to the ‘Wine’ section of this Blog (click on Wine Tab for more)
To start with, I’m just naming & including an image of the most recent wines tasted on the vblog.

Wines listed so far are from the last 3 vblogs I’ve done.

Tab Deleted

I’ve deleted a page (and Tab) for Other Podcasts as I hoped to add a new page and Tab – ‘daveac vblog’ which would allow the playing of my daveac vblog directly from this site.

But it seems that with this hosted wordpress blog I can’t ’embed’ a video player – or I’ve yet to work it out 🙂

It maybe that I can add a ‘widget’ to do this – so I’ve not re-enstated the old Tab just now.

Still Learning!

Well today I did a short video-recording of me doing the TFM: Tiscali Forum Members podcast show to put up on YouTube – BUT I can’t use it as it shows my screen with call-in ‘passwords’ which aren’t hidden my ****
So I may try again next week 🙂 – So I still have a lot to learn 🙂

Show notes updated

I’m slowly updating the Show Notes page with info on the early shows.

Working backwards up the list I now have covered the first 12 shows – each with video stills to give a better idea of each episodes content.

I’ve also made a couple of tweeks to the site layout  but if you have any suggestions for further improvements let me know.

Here’s my email address as a graphic:-

email as graphic

email as graphic