Strange Blog Behaviour

Thanks to Louis Trapani of:-
He noticed a couple of problems with my newish blog.

It seems that when I added the latest tab ‘TFM‘ two things happenned. One – my ‘Wine tab disappeared and strangely a little 🙂 appeared off to the outside right of the Blog page!

Strange indeed!

The ‘TAB’ problem seems to be a simple limitation of the WordPress theme that restricts the total number of Tabs to a maxium of eight. So I’ve discarded the ‘FeedBack’ tab as it appears there is a Reply option on each page anyway that will serve just as well – in fact better as I shall know as to which page said comment refers.

As to the ‘Smiley’ I have know idea! Perhaps any Blog owner reading this might know? If so please let me know. Perhaps it’s a ‘not so hidden ‘Easter Egg‘ by the theme designer.

NOTE Also any comment that you wish to make about this Site itself – rather than a comment on the vblog itself – please put on the About page. Thank You.

Cheers all, daveac


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