Catch up after Torchwood

UPDATE EDIT Yes I will post about the Torchwood mini-series soon 🙂 – I’ve been very busy on The Cultdom Collective Podcast.

If more than a couple of weeks pass – I might wait until I have the Torchwood Blu-ray disc 🙂

SECOND EDIT – I’m thinking of getting the Blu-Ray soom – so will hold off on the review a while longer – sorry 🙂


I will be posting a long item on Torchwood mini-series ‘Children of Earth‘ at the weekend or early next week.

EDIT – I’ve decided to wait until after Torchwood airs in th US before posting my thoughts

I’ve also been kept busy with sorting out details of the new podcast Cultdom that The Sixth Doctor and I are starting on Sunday 2nd August. Thats at 3.30 EDT (8.30 BST) 0n Talkshoe ID 54821.
Please check the link to it’s blog page in my ‘Blogroll’ – The Cultdom Chronicles
And whilst there please vote in our Poll on the Postcast’s name.

On the topic of Torchwood – on this Sunday’s CIA (Talkshoe ID 30659) the ‘Open Mike’ show may be given over to ‘Children of Earth’ if those in the room have seen it and agree.

Cheers, daveac

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