Catch me on Dr Who: Podshock Epi 177

Blog followers here will probably know that with Ian (The6thDoctor) I co-host ‘The Cultdom Collective Podcast‘ (see link to the right of this page to The Cultdom Chronicles Blog)
But I’ve also recently been guest co-host on the very popular Doctor Who: Podshock podcast mainly hosted by Louis Trapani with Ken Deep & James Naughton.

Although many of these shows are recorded live on the Talkshoe site – perhaps the best option is to subscribe to it (and Cultdom) on iTunes.

The most recent Podshock is Episode 177 and is covering (along with 178 yet to be uploaded) David Tennant’s last Doctor Who special ‘The End of Time‘ Part 2

For more info on Doctor Who: Podshock checkout the ‘Gallifreyan Embassy’ website:-

2 thoughts on “Catch me on Dr Who: Podshock Epi 177

  1. Thanks Dave once again for being a wonderful guest host and for editing the montage of clips together for the episode we are reviewing each time.

    Happy new year to you and Ian and everyone at the Cultdom Collective.


  2. Thanks for your kind words Louis.

    I’m a big fan of Podshock and am happy to help when I can.

    I’m also a ‘Supporting Subscriber’ as I value the contributions Doctor Who: Podshock and the Gallifreyan Embassy make to the Fan World of Doctor Who.

    Cheers, daveac

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