Cultdom Collective Ashes To Ashes Podcasts

With Ashes to Ashes now ended in the UK The Cultdom Collective Podcast look at the whole LOM/ATA Universe.


UPDATEDCommentary: Ashes To Ashes Finale – Ian, Dave and Mike hold a special service to scatter our comments over the Ashes with our commentary of the Series Finale of Ashes To Ashes.

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The Cultdom Collective Studio Epi. ‘Ashes to Ashes’ Wrap Up now available

We hope you enjoy.


PLUS! We have decided to do a LIVE Podcast on Talkshoe on Friday 28th May for fans of the shows.

‘daveac’ will open the call at 4.30 PM EDT (that’s 9.30PM in the UK) to help new callers to Talkshoe get sorted – with the ‘recorded’ part of the show starting nearer to 5PM EDT (10PM in the UK)

As always the Call ID on Talkshoe is 54821 –

And a special ‘Hello’ to Fans of the ‘Ashes to Ashes‘ & ‘The Railway ArmsFacebook Fan Pages:-

Cultdom Studio Episode: Ashes to Ashes – spectulation!

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Cultdom iTunes Badge

The last episode of Ashes to Ashes is tomorrow Friday 21st May.

Here is a direct link to our Studio speculation episode on who, why, where, when and what – recorded after Episode 7 of Series 3 airred here in the UK

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Cheers, daveac

Doctor Who Commentaries by Cultdom Collective Podcast

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Cultdom iTunes Badge

Doctor Who Commentaries by The Cultdom Collective

Series 1 of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

Commentary Epi. 1 The Eleventh Hour – ‘Crack Open Another Bottle

Commentary Epi. 2 The Beast Below – ‘Unbottling The Beast Below

Commentary Epi. 3 Victory of the Daleks – ‘Victory of the Jammie Dodgers

Commentary Epi. 4 The Time of Angels – ‘Wine of Angels

Commentary Epi. 5 Flesh and Stone – ‘Flesh & Stoned

Commentary Epi. 6 Vampires of Venice – ‘Vino’s Of Venice

Commentary Epi. 7 Amy’s Choice – ‘Amy’s Choice Tipple

Commentary Epi. 8 The Hungry Earth – ‘Would you like some wine with that, Sir?

Commentary Epi. 9 Cold Blood – ‘Cold Blood Wine

Commentary Epi.10 Vincent and The Doctor

Direct link to mp3

Commentary Epi. 11 The Lodger

Direct link to mp3 –

Commentary Epi. 12 The Pandorica Opens

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Cheers, daveac

Gallifreyan Embassy & Dr Who: Podshock Second Life Meet Up

Kirsty Pixel & Daveac Footman

Second Life meet up of the Gallifreyan Embassy.

Saturday 15th May 2010 1PM to 6PM SL time
Come together with other Doctor Who fans in Second Life.
Both daveac (Daveac Footman) Ian (Kirsty Pixel) and many other members of  The Cultdom Collective will be there sometime during the event.

Checkout this GE Link for more info:-

Cheers, daveac

Cultdom Commentary ‘Vino’s Of Venice’

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Cultdom iTunes Badge

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

The Cultdom Collective Podcast on Talkshoe – ID 54821

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Cultdom Commentary ‘Vino’s Of Venice’ Dr Who Epi 6 ‘Vampires of Venice’

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Cheers, daveac