Cultdom Epi 42 ‘Vampires of Venice’ Review

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Epi 42 ‘Vampires of Venice‘ Review

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Cheers, daveac

3 thoughts on “Cultdom Epi 42 ‘Vampires of Venice’ Review

  1. You guys do a real good job with these podcasts. Ever since I got into them (podcasts in general) I’ve noticed that I like the more “fair and balanced” type rather than the overbearing hatred ones, or the gushing ones, so yours is right up there with the best for doctor who.

  2. Hi ‘spdk1’ thanks for the feedback.

    Thanks from Both Ian (the6thdoctor) & myself.

    I hope you continue to enjoy our podcasts and remember our LIVE shows are every Sunday at 2PM EDT on Talkshoe ID 54821

    I’ve added you to our Blogrolls 🙂

    Cheers, daveac

  3. Hey thanks man!

    yeah, I just started this wordpress blog because I wanted to try my hand at doing some sci-fi reviews. I work for a videogame website, and do some writing on there, but there is only so much you can say about some games.

    I was posting on Gallifrey Base, and noticed you guys also used wordpress, so i figured I’d drop a line.

    have a good one,


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