Cultdom Studio Episode ‘We Are Back’

Cultdom Studio Episode ‘We are Back’ (June 2021)

Kirsty @The6thDoctor & Dave @daveactv return for a Studio episide of @Cultdom after a few months break.

It was good to be back on audio as we played catch-up, covered news and then talked about a number of streaming shows recent and current that had caught our attention.

NOTE: Apologies as some minor echo in parts of this recording

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Regards, Kirsty & Dave

Cultdom Episode 376 ‘Cultdom February 2021 Meetup’

The Cultdon Collective Podcast

Cultdom Episode 376 ‘Cultdom February 2021 Meetup’

We cover topics of the moment. We may ‘wanda’ around a bit whilst still trying to have some ‘vision’ of ‘witch’ cultdom to comment upon.

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Also a brief look towards the upcoming Awards Season.

NOTE: apologies to those who downloaded right after show ended -we had a brief connection issue – so audio now uploaded version:

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Regards, The6Doctor & daveac