show notes

Started adding Show notes here for early shows – will add more soon!

NOTE: Vblog 046 is a vblog using my new webcam – so I’m still sorting out it’s ‘best’ operation.

These are early episodes detailed at the moment – please checkout some of the newer one’s listed to the right of this page – thanks.

My daveac vblog is hosted on Survey

vblog 012 10/10/08

watch vblog 012

Something Old, something New, something Borrowed and something Blue – are all featured on todays vblog.

15m 3s

4 stills of vblog 012

4 stills of vblog 012

vblog 011 3/10/08

watch vblog 011

Mostly British related content this week regarding my choices of DVD, book & music but also covering items on podcasting and TVs.

20m 47s

4 stills from vblog 011

4 stills from vblog 011

vblog 010 26/09/08

watch vbog 010

Wine, women & song are all included in todays show – as covered in Doctor Who, TV, DVD, reading, classical music, and more

19m 58s

4 stills from vblog 010

4 stills from vblog 010

vblog 009 19/9/08

watch vblog 009

daveac vblog is now also available on iTunes  – but the show’s format is still the same – Doctor Who, SF, DVD’s, reading, music, gadgets & wine!

20m 30s

4 stills from vblog 009

4 stills from vblog 009

vblog 008 12/9/08

watch vblog 008

One day after 9/11 and two days after the LHC at CERN fires up – vblog 008 is up with Dr Who & Torchwood news – DVD & SF reading recommendations with a gadget review to end.

17m 41s

4 stills from vblog 008

4 stills from vblog 008

vblog 007 5/9/08

watch vblog 007

This is a TIME related episode talking about different SF items plus a short report on TW 09 demo on the PS3 – ending with my first wine recommendation.

19m 19s

4 stills from vblog 007

4 stills from vblog 007

vblog 006 29/8/08

I talk about RISC OS, short range wireless, classical music and a Science Fiction reference book.

watch vblog 006

17m 34s

4 clips from vblog 006
4 clips from vblog 006

vblog 005 22/8/08

Watch vblog 005

I move to being seated for the show following feedback as I talk about a number of tech gadgets this week.

17m 48s

4 stills from vblog 005

vblog 004 15/8/08

Watch vblog 004

News items followed mostly by a section on adapting a PS3 controller to work better with the Tiger Woods Golf game. I then give a short roundup of my then current online activities.

14m 24s

showing PS3 controller mod

vblog 003 date: 8/8/08

Watch vblog 003

I recorded vblog 003 on the openning day of the 2008 Olympics – a very luckly 8th of the 8th of the 8th! News roundup, 2 gadgets & I get more into this vblogger lark!

9m 21s

still from vblog 003
still from vblog 003

vblog trailer date: 3/8/08

Watch vblog trailer

Very short invite trailer to the vblog


vblog trailer
vblog trailer

vblog 002 date: 25/07/08

Watch vblog 002

Still sorting out general idea of vblog and talking a little about CIA: Cultdom in Audio a weekly podcast on TalkShoe (ID 30659) which I co-host.

18m 39s

still from vblog 002
still from vblog 002

vblog 001 date: 25/07/08

Watch vblog 001

A short talk to camera as a test show as I’d just joined

A little info about myself and the camera used and my lovely TV.

9m 35s

still from vblog 001
still from vblog 001

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