After 94 Episodes this Podcast has halted – although all episodes are still available on TalkShoe

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Notice of a Name Change of this Podcast

The Monthly Call on Talkshoe – Call ID 30776 now renamed TalkTalkFM (formally TFM: TalkTalk Forum Members) is for users & posters on both TalkTalk Forums.

Twitter Account is still @TalkTalkFM

TFM: TalkTalk Forum Members Podcast

With the takeover of Tiscali by TalkTalk I’ve changed the name for this Podcast from TiscaliFM to TFM: TalkTalk Forum Members .
Here the new iTunes badge:-

Subscribe to TFM: Tiscali Forum Members on iTunes

Subcsribe to TFM on iTunes


Welcome to my blog page for  TFM: Tiscali Forum Members podcast.

This is a monthly Podcast – hosted on the Talkshoe Site – for posters and viewers of the TalkTalk Forums

I host under my Talkshoe and TalkTalkMembers name of – daveac – although users of the second TalkTalk Forum will know me as dac

The podcast is live the first Monday of every month at 2pm EDT – that’s 7pm GMT

The podcast is hosted on a Site called Talkshoe and the TalkShoe show ID is 30776 – here is the link to the show page:-

The TalkTalk Forum main page is:-

And also there is a second Forum – The TalkTalkMembers Forum here:-

NOTE – there are two forums because of TalkTalk taking over Tiscali and not integrating to two forums

There is a twitter account for the podcast:-!/TalkTalkFM

If you are a Facebook user there is a Group Page that you can follow:-

One thought on “TalkTalkFM

  1. TiscaliFMTFM at 7 PM BST today – 2pm EDT time TalkShoe ID 30776 -

    Still going with TFM for Tiscali Forum Members after two difficult weeks with Internet problems.

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